Curriculum Vitae

CV(till Dec. 2015) - Chinese Version

CV(till Dec. 2015) - English Version

Academic Activities

Undergraduate Graduation Thesis


Presentation for the Thesis

Modern Physics Experiments

Experiment Report - NaI(Tl) Scintillation Spectrometer

Experiment Report - Simon Gas Thermometer and Vapor Pressure Thermometer

Experiment Report - Atomic Force Microscope(AFM)

Experiment Report - Curie Temperature of Perovskite Manganese Oxides

Experiment Report - Measurement of MW Permittivity and Permeability

Experiment Report - Optical Spectrum of Deuterium Atom

Experiment Report - Faraday Effect

Experiment Report - Ellipsometry

Experiment Report - Electric Hysteresis Loop

Experiment Report - Propagation Characteristics of Electromagnetic Wave

Experiment Report - Measurement of Anisotropy Magnetoresistance and Giant Magnetoresistance

Experiment Report - Fabrication of Nanoparticles by Vapor Condensing Method

Experiment Report - Measurement of Resistance of High Temperature Superconductor

Computational Physics

Homework 1 - Particle Scattering / Numerical Integration

Homework 2 - Lorenz Model / Numerical Differention (Fourth-order Runge-Kutta Method)

Homework 3 - Eigenvalue of One-dimension Stationary Schrodinger Equation / Shooting Method

Homework 4 - Molecular Dynamic Simulation / Numerical Simulation

Project in University of West Australia(UWA)

A Practical Guide to Image Segmentation (September, 9, 2015)

One-slide Presentation for Three-minute Talk (August, 27, 2015)

Mathematical Contest in Modeling

MCM2016 - USA (February, 2, 2016)

MCM2015 - USA (February, 28, 2015)

MCM2014 - China (September, 15, 2014)

MCM2014 - NJU (July, 21, 2014)

University Physics Competition, USA

UPC2013 (November, 18, 2013)

Talks, Reports and Papers

A Rejected Paper - Hybrid Zeroth- and First-Order Strategies for Training Neural Networks (January, 7, 2016)

Course Paper of Appreciation of Vocal Music - Comparison of Opera and Musical (January, 1, 2016)

Course Report of Introduction to Mao Zedong’s Theory (May, 1, 2015)

Course Report of Modern Photonics - Simulation of Fresnel Diffraction (April, 8, 2015)

Group Meeting Report at Prof. Wang Zhenlin’s Group - Probing the Ultimate Limit of Plasmonic Enhancement (March, 22, 2015)

Course Report of Electrodynamics - Polarization in Surface Plasmon (January, 20, 2015)

Opening Report of Student Research Training Program - Superresolution in Fresnel Incoherent Holography (March, 17, 2013)

Course Paper of Mechanics - Levitation (February, 21, 2013)

Extracurricular Activities

Social Practice

Social Practice Report - Research of Living Conditions of New Year Painting Artists

Social Practice Report - Oral History of a Century for Physics Department of Nanjing University

ZHIDIAN (a Magzine)

ZHIDIAN - Special Issue in the Summer, 2013 I did the typesetting part of this issue.

ZHIDIAN - Issue 25, 2013 I did the typesetting part of this issue and part of the overall planning.


Talk on Shorthand Notation (March, 19, 2015)

Introduction to ZHIDIAN during the Visiting to USTC (May, 10, 2014)


Election of ZHIDIAN (Febuary, 21, 2014)

Lecture on Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign Tutorial (November, 5, 2013)

Lecture on Adobe Illustrator Tutorial (October, 29, 2013)

Poster and Other Adivertising Design

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